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MR. JAYESH K. GANDHI, a Business and Immigration lawyer, director of LAW N BUSINESS ASSOCIATES is practicing immigration law since 1993. At the beginning of his career, Mr. Gandhi worked on many Point based Canada Immigration and L-1 Business Visa’s cases and achieved a lot of success. After the EB-5 program was established, Mr. Gandhi began working with clients to accomplish their immigration goals through EB-5.

Because Mr. Gandhi has been practicing law long enough to see the field evolve, he has experience with both direct investment and investment through regional centers. Complementing his work with clients, Mr. Gandhi has been involved in a best practices committee that brought together developers, regional center creators, brokers and potential investors, to incorporate all the moving parts of this area of immigration law. Law N Business began working on EB-5 cases in 2010, and has since been involved in over 25 regional center projects and numbers of individual investor petitions. The firm has devoted entire practice to EB-5 because it's truly passionate it, allowing to gain a complete and thorough understanding of the process.

Mr. Gandhi's immigration background in employment-based visas makes him intimately familiar with the naturalization process and applies this knowledge to all of his EB-5 cases. He is an expert in the EB-5 program from start to finish, helping investors from the moment they decide to file until they become U.S. citizens. He brings his wealth of experience in multiple aspects of immigration law to the table for every EB-5 case.

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